Sander's Reach

Sander's Reach


Village, Trade Post





87% Humans
6% Dwarves
7% Other


Fishing, Farming, Transport

Gov’t Type

Loosely formed council

Sander’s Reach is a small townstead by the sea, built up the sloped rise to a rocky peak along the coastline before a straight cliff-wall drops the elevation back down to the sea. Housing villagers in the hundreds, this modest fishing village sits at the side of a sheltered, temperate gulf.

With a dense village core settled around a moderately sized port, the village connects the naval commerce of the gulf to townsteads beyond the nearby mountain pass. Even with the values transported through, fishing and farming remains the livelihood of most of its settlers.

Locations in Sander’s Reach


Initially a small hamlet of fishing families, settled in the region for generations, a bustle of trading companies saw the location as an opportune tie westward through the mountain-reaches.

A decade past the first efforts to transport goods via the settlement, Sander’s Reach has grown into a moderately sized village.

Sander's Reach

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